Our Story


When I was in high school, I became OBSESSED with making the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I still use the same recipe I created and developed over TWENTY years ago. I’ve always been “The Cookie Lady”,  taking cookies to neighbors and friends, winning cookie and dessert contests, and creating new flavors along the way. For years it’s been tradition as a family, at our house, to make cookies on Sunday afternoons.


When my oldest daughter needed to raise money for summer running camp, she begged and pleaded to sell my cookies to her friends. I of course said “NO’’, until I realized she had done all she could, and she really needed the help.


What I thought would be a couple of batches sold to her school friends, quickly turned into a full blown cookie company. We quickly made it a business, named it "Our Cookie House" and have been trying to keep up with all of our cookie monsters ever since!


Making cookies is seriously the GREATEST job, I love supporting, and following my daughters entrepreneurial spirit, and I love getting to do something I have taken great joy doing for most of my life!